Lots of Hats

Most independent musicians wear a lot of hats. In addition to being a musician, you are a business person, accountant, public relations and marketing guru, agent, logistics expert, and more. Also, many musicians have other jobs in addition to their music gigs. I claim to have two other jobs, Editor-in-Chief of the Folk Harp Journal, and artist. Lately, a third has developed as I am doing more and more editing and book design work for an important author. Beyond those hats, there is the hubby, the house, the life…

Regardless, of how many hats you want to count, I’m so grateful that I get to find a way to balance all those things into this beautiful, creative, musical life that I lead.

If you would like to know more about the FHJ side of my life, here are two videos that I recently did for the Somerset Harp Festival that happens each year in July. Usually, the event takes place in New Jersey, and I’ve been lucky enough to go in person three times. Of course, last year and this year, they have gone digital, so I’ve been able to attend both. Enjoy.