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Praise for “A Priceless Meadow”

“Thank you so much for the CD. It is really wonderful. I have it on my CD player at work and everyone loves it. I used it as background for teaching relaxation and stress management at a seminar last weekend. I love it!” JN, RN
“I received the CD and have listened to it. I love it. Your music is as music from heaven. It is an amazing mix and beautifully done.” CU

“Listening Pleasure! It is lovely and deserves close listening. I especially like your creative pairings of traditional tunes and the song Promises.” EP

Fayetteville harpist Beth Stockdell released her debut album, A Priceless Meadow, on Wednesday, October 8, 2014.

Beth Stockdell’s first album, A Priceless Meadow, features solo acoustic lever harp in a collection of songs which highlight the beauty and lyricism of the harp. Half the songs on the album were written specifically for harp to showcase its natural talents. The album also features several traditional Celtic tunes including new arrangements and combinations created specifically for this album. Recording was done on my Thormahlen Ceili harp.

The album is also available on iTunes, CD Baby and Amazon.

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Songs included on the CD are (samples bellow):

A Gaelic Lass 3:50… Two Traditional Gaelic Tunes Arrangement by Beth Stockdell of A Gaelic Melody and Young Margaret

Windows of Paris 4:37… William T. Mahan (

The Castle of Dromore 4:35… Traditional Irish Tune Arrangement by Joanna Mell ( used by permission.

Etude 4:48… Carolyn Bame

Kilcash 4:22… Traditional Irish Tune Arrangement by Beth Stockdell

Promises 5:23… RoJean Loucks (

Come to Me 4:00… Dave Parker and Kathy Walden (

Bovaglie’s Plaid 2:53… Traditional Scottish Tune Arrangement by Beth Stockdell

Farewell 3:27 … RoJean Loucks

Beside the Still Waters 4:17… Carolyn Bame

Carolan Dreams of Mermaids 3:40 …Two Traditional Scottish Tunes Arrangement by Beth Stockdell of Carolan’s Dream and The Mermaid’s Song

Cyndee’s Farewell 4:32… RoJean Loucks


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