The Harp Playing Book Fairy

When we are lucky at Halloween and have nice weather, I like to pull out all the stops at my Little Free Library #39136 and have a party. Primarily this is an excuse for me to be able to don my fairy wings and emerge as the Harp Playing Book Fairy. A good time […]

Lots of Hats

Most independent musicians wear a lot of hats. In addition to being a musician, you are a business person, accountant, public relations and marketing guru, agent, logistics expert, and more. Also, many musicians have other jobs in addition to their music gigs. I claim to have two other jobs, Editor-in-Chief of the Folk Harp […]

The Life of an Artist

My husband, Rick Stockdell, needed a sample interview for the Podcasting class he teaches at the University of Arkansas and used me as a test subject. If you’d like to hear the short interview, click here.

A Mermaid’s Tale

As Editor of the Folk Harp Journal I was sent the exquisite book by Marianne McShane, Rónán and the Mermaid: A Tale of Old Ireland. (You should go get it!) We worked together to incorporate a story about her book into the Fall 2020 issue of the FHJ.

The bulk of the work happened […]

A Celtic Gala Event

After the emotion of the concert two-weeks ago, I decided that we needed a Celtic Gala of comfort food music. I picked an assortment of some of my favorite classic Celtic songs including “Sheebeg Sheemore,” “Eleanor Plunkett,” and “Fanny Powers” by Turlough O’Carolan. Carolan was a blind harpist in Ireland from 1670-1738. He is […]

Driveway Peace Concert June 2, 2020

My last blog post (Healing Harp) was about the new world order but the world feels more like chaos every day. On May 23rd, with just a two-hour notice I did a little driveway concert for a few friends. Being able to SEE everyone was wonderful and lifted my spirits tremendously. Hopefully, it did […]

Healing Harp

My last blog post was about the weird world of a harpist in the midst of a pandemic. Here is a little more about this new reality.

After one of my busiest holiday seasons ever I was pretty burnt out on my harp. So I took a break. January is a magazine month and […]

A Harpy in the time of Corona

Below is my calendar for May. See an ocean of blank. Not the picture a few months ago when the calendar was full of wedding gigs and travel. My calendar has NEVER been this blank—and I’m a low-key homebody! My calendar is always busier than my husband would prefer but pretty quiet by many […]

Beneath the Starry Moonlight

Normally, I don’t make big announcements about what is coming up in my harp world. But for my second CD project, I’ve been talking about it quite a bit. One, sharing helps keep me motivated and, two, I’m just excited about the project! My second CD will be called “Beneath the Starry Moonlight” and […]

Family Postcards

In November 2018, my father sent me a box of postcards. The box contained two sets of cards. One set was a group of cards that were sent to my Grandmother between 1910-1920 when she was a young girl. The second set is unsent cards from about 1930 that give a great tour of […]