Bonnie At Morn — Lullaby Album

My second album is a collection of international lullabies recorded in celebration of our granddaughter, Bonnie, born in October 2021.

I think listeners of all ages will enjoy the eclectic collection of tunes. Be sure to read the lyrics and info sheets (click here) because the lyrics are so interesting and I’ve put some additional information in there about each song. Also, you might want to read the post (click here) I did about making the album and the inspiration behind the song choices. If you have questions, you can email me. On March 20, 2022, I did an album release concert at the library. You can find the link here or on my Video page.

Some early reviews on the new album:
“Beautiful, Beth! I’m enjoying listening to all your creative and beautifully played lullabies.” KH
“I’ve been listening to the new record, and it is fantastic!” JB

There are several ways to purchase this digital album:
Receive a personal email with the download information and link. $5

Receive a special edition album cover in via USPS mail (US only) with the download link. $10

If you have questions, you can email me.
Purchase the album on iTunes or listen on most streaming platforms.

Lull-a-bye Little Baby Polish

Arrane Ny Nie 6:19
Manx (Isle of Mann) Lullaby

Bonnie at Morn 4:30 Scottish

Brahms’ Lullaby 3:09 German

Baloo Baleerie 3:06 Scottish

La Canarie 3:16 French

Éiníní (Little Birds) 3:50 Irish

Eventide 4:09 Original Lullaby by harpist Carol Kappus

Fais Dodo (Go to Sleep) 4:07 French

Forever, and No Time at All 4:59 Original Lullaby by Nat Bartsch Melbourne Jazz Pianist

Goodnight 4:26 German

Go to Sleep 4:10 Swedish

A Little Child 6:47 Norwegian

Lullaby 4:28 Italian

Lullaby for Luke 4:35 Original Lullaby by harpist RoJean Loucks

Maranoa Lullaby 3:28 Australian

Suo Gân 3:53 Welsh

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star 7:55 French