All Things Art & 2023 Harp Greeting Cards

Below I have a few things available for purchase through me. But if you would like to see more images and products they can be found at my Redbubble shop (click here). Thanks!
For 2023 I have select sets of images already packaged for sale. The eight images (in the gallery below) are available in sets. Check with me to see what is in stock.

Some of my earliest and best memories are of taking pictures with my father. I started doing photography early and worked as a professional for many years. In the days of actual film! I also did stained glass artwork for many years which I love tremendously and I’ve done a few paintings along the way. However, when I went full-time as a harpist I had to give up working with glass. I couldn’t risk damaging my fingers right before a wedding. These days I’m usually working with paper and, of course, I’m still taking pictures. Usually, they include my harps and our natural world at the same time. You never know where the harp might end up for the next set of images……

Finally, I create “Memory Bears” so if you have fabric from something special and would like to turn it into a loveable Teddy Bear, I can do it. Contact me at and we can get started!