Northern Lights Harp Fest in Canada

Just over a week ago we returned from Canada—including a lovely weekend at the Northern Lights Harp Fest and a waaaaay too short visit to Montreal.

I’m so impressed that the lengths harpists will go to gather together. No distance seems too far and no inconveniences too unmanageable. Every time I attend a conference I see friends I haven’t seen in a long time—like my friend, Linda Ashton. She lives in Southern Oklahoma and we have to go to Canada to visit. Likewise, I really wanted to meet and work with Diana Rowan of San Francisco and we finally accomplish the feat in Canada. Totally worth it! I can’t believe that I’ve managed to hit three harp conferences this year. What a treat it has been. I’m feeling spoiled.

The conference was a nice size and the teachers top class. Anytime you get to take lessons from Frank Voltz, Diana Rowan, Harper Tasche, Joanna Griffin and Ray Pool, you have had a successful and inspiring experience. I’m still processing everything we worked on over the weekend and I know the benefits will be far-reaching. I didn’t take a harp with me so that actually gave me more time to really listen and think about the insights I received from these exceptional people. Oh yeah, and I took a lot of photographs. Of course.

After the conference we went to Montreal and spent three days walking the city. I had worked hard on my French skills before we went and that was worth the effort. The vibe of the city is truly international. And young. There are several major colleges in the city so the youth movement is strong and vibrant. As we walked across one campus my husband felt completely at home and he is ready to move to Montreal and spend a year (or ?). I don’t know about the snow and cold of the winter and I’m not usually a city person but I could see spending some additional time there.

We didn’t get to spend much time checking out the music scene but I’m sure it is top-notch. We visited an amazing luthier shop and walked through one of the music school. I had to get out of their sheet music section quickly or I knew I’d be lost. I also showed some restraint, ok not as much, at an exceptional paper shop that we found. Yeah, I’m checking on their shipping rates too. It was heaven.

As was most of Montreal. We hope to get back there and to the Northern Lights Harp Fest.







Rick and I (above) at the Botanical Garden in Montreal. We saw such a small part of it, and between seasons, but it was still a beautiful place.

Below… Diana Rowan at the opening concert of the Festival.