Motivation from the Energizer Bunny

I’m fascinated when I hear authors talk about how they started writing a fiction book with a general outline in mind and then “the characters take the book in a different direction.” Aren’t they in control of the characters? As more of a visual and aural artist, I don’t experience this phenomenon often. I generally see the piece of art in my head and reach that goal (or never reach it!) or hear in my head what I’m trying to create. Sometimes things go a little off the path but usually I stay close to the trail I planned.

However, my new CD project is going in some unexpected directions from what I initially envisioned. Can’t say that I’m not excited about this, either!

Yesterday, I had the privilege of speaking to one of my harp idols on the phone. She is 93 and still very active in her community and performing almost daily. She plays the piano in her retirement community for everyone before dinner. They love her! This is completely not a surprise since she is a delight. Occasionally, she also brings her harp out for concerts and she was telling me about a new project that she is working on. “You need a good project to keep you motivated,” she said. And clearly this has worked for her because she is like the Energizer Bunny.

And obviously, I agree. I came up with the title to my new CD and thought I had a theme, era, and sound that I was working towards. The theme has been massaged some since then and the era has morphed in some ways. I’m moving into some new professional territory and I’m completely energized by the process. The project is growing organically into the thing it wants to be.

I am truly counting the days and minutes until the start of the harp conference in New Orleans. I think this will really be a life changing moment for me and help round out my project. I do not regret one moment of devoting the first ten-plus years of my harping career toward my hospice work. But the last few years of growth into different areas with my harp have been so much fun. I look forward to continuing down this path with my harp to see where we go. And I’m sure I’ll always have one project or another dancing around in my head keeping me motivated.