A Celtic Gala Event

After the emotion of the concert two-weeks ago, I decided that we needed a Celtic Gala of comfort food music. I picked an assortment of some of my favorite classic Celtic songs including “Sheebeg Sheemore,” “Eleanor Plunkett,” and “Fanny Powers” by Turlough O’Carolan. Carolan was a blind harpist in Ireland from 1670-1738. He is considered the patron saint of Celtic harpers and we play a lot of his music today. I had a few Scottish songs including a pipe tune call “Cho Chin t-Saile” and one of my favorite’s “Crossing to Ireland.”

Also, a mash-up song that I created for my CD called “A Gaelic Lass.” As well as a song called “Fires at Midnight” by Wendy Stewart who is a leading Scottish harper. I said she was Welsh in the video and I apologize to her.

We rounded out the evening with a request by my friend, Jo Ann, for Pachelbel’s “Canon in D.” I hope you enjoy the 20-minute video (link below).

A highlight for me was the greatest compliment a musician can receive. My four-year old neighbor said during the concert, “That was the best song ever.” Possibly several times. Ok, she thinks I play a guitar so she needs to develop her musical appreciation skills. But she is obsessed with wanting to play the guitar so clearly she has a musical soul. I’m honored by her faith and will do all I can to foster her love of music. We had a lovely time with our friends and neighbors at the Celtic Gala Event. For me, music and seeing everyone is the best medicine for our troubled times.

The shade in the driveway created the perfect atmosphere.