Beneath the Starry Moonlight

Normally, I don’t make big announcements about what is coming up in my harp world. But for my second CD project, I’ve been talking about it quite a bit. One, sharing helps keep me motivated and, two, I’m just excited about the project! My second CD will be called “Beneath the Starry Moonlight” and will feature love songs with a star and/or moon theme. And maybe a few oddballs. Somehow brought together by the harp.

If you have roamed my website or seen my social media feeds you will know I’m crazy into making books. I’m involved in a book making community that has a friendly monthly challenge and the theme for March was Flight. Of course, one of the songs on the list for my new CD is “Fly me to the Moon.” So I decided to make a little book to honor the project. And once I finished the book a friend wanted to buy it as a wedding present for a relative that is getting married on the full moon this month! Since this was going out as a present, I made a custom box for the book. There is also a video below so you can see the pop-up elements of the book.