Family Postcards

In November 2018, my father sent me a box of postcards. The box contained two sets of cards. One set was a group of cards that were sent to my Grandmother between 1910-1920 when she was a young girl. The second set is unsent cards from about 1930 that give a great tour of the highlights of Oregon. From these cards I ended up making four books. For the three books that include the actual cards, I created pages with windows so that you can see both the front and the back of each card. The postmarks, text, and postcard descriptions are all priceless, so we had to be able to see everything!

For the set of cards sent to my Grandmother I split the cards and made one book for my cousin’s daughter, Natalie, and one for myself (nearly identical on the outside except for the binding thread). Natalie is the youngest female in our family so I thought she might appreciate the cards. For her book I created a letter that tells her about the cards and includes a little family history. We seem to be losing more and more of those tales over the years.

For the Oregon cards, there was one oddball card which actually turns out to be a key piece of our families Oregon history. This turned into a great opportunity to have my Dad write up a few of those tales that we are on the brink of missing out on forever. Dad spent some time at the Oregon State Insane Asylum… as a doctor. I made one book for myself with the actual cards and then a second book for my brother with scans of the cards. I know he will appreciate the family history too. You can read the intro letter.