A book in a harp

If you have roamed around my website or seen my social media feeds you will know that in addition to being a harpist I am a lifelong artist. Photography was my early love. I did stained glass for many, many years until I decided cutting sharp glass didn’t blend very well with being a professional harpist so I sold those tools. I’ve dabbled at many other art forms along the way but over a year ago I found my true artistic happy place. And, actually, the only surprising part about it, is that it took me so many years to find! So now I’m making books—which means this crazy bookworm and LFL steward spends even more of her time with books. This is the perfect art form for me in so many ways.

Starting work as Editor of the Folk Harp Journal was really the start of knowing that my diverse paths, and maybe even some unfortunate missteps, have not been wasted. A recent conversation led me to think about the artistic curve of my life. Then a chance visit to a profoundly inspirational art studio happened. Then a couple of opportunities came up that made me think even more about my obsessions with art and music. And if I was going to pursue either lead which hat would I be wearing? After thinking about the situation I realized that I can’t separate my endeavors and I don’t want or need to try. 

I’m now involved in a book making community that has a friendly monthly challenge. After thinking about my passions the theme of “boxedin” took on a whole new meaning for me. I don’t want to be boxed in by a label as only harpist, or artist, or photographer. Everything can blend. I guess I am a mixed–media creation and that is also what I do. Something that is probably true for many of us! Which led to my submission for the challenge… Harp, photos, art, book-making all in one.