Weather woes

So we are having out first bout of serious winter weather here in Arkansas. It can be nasty here at time and we had a particularly bad storm in 2009 so we are all a little paranoid. Hopefully, this round is not as serious but it has a bad look to it. Unfortunately, for me […]


I am sooooo excited to say that my website has a whole new look and should go live in the next day or two. Sonia and Mike did an awesome job with the remodel and I can’t wait to show it off!

Thanksgiving & Making Music

We had a wonderful visit over Thanksgiving with my aunt in Southern California. It is wonderful to see her every year. This year we took a little side adventure and went to the Museum of Making Music. It was a fun adventure and I highly recommend it if you are in the area.

Holidays approach part II

I’m polishing up my Christmas songs getting ready for the season. It is a fascinating time for me as a harpist to get out these songs every year. What is interesting to me is that this serves as a yearly benchmark for me and my progress as a harpist. I think at this point I’ve […]


Last night I played for the lovely people at the Sunshine School and Development Center in Rogers. This is the third year in a row that I have been asked to play for this fundraiser. I’m honored that they ask me back every year – it is such a great event! Each year they feature […]

Fall Frolicking

We are having lovely fall weather here in Arkansas and most of the leaves are down off the trees but not all. There is still some great color around and I love the piles of leaves… but not the work involved in picking them up! Anyway, I decided to take my harp and my wonderful […]

Hospice Moments

Today I went to hospice as I normally do on Tuesdays. While I was playing in the living room I could see the patient in the room to my left “conducting” the music as I played which I thought was wonderful. I went in to check if there was anything specific I could play for […]

Strange but True

I was thrilled to discover that my “Strange But True Harp Story” regarding my appendix-wedding adventure was featured in the latest issue of the Harp Column. Not that I’d like to relive the adventure but it did make for a fun story and a free subscription renewal to a great magazine.


Wine and music

Last night we drove to Altus, Arkansas to a meeting of the Arkansas Wine Growers Association. It was a lovely group and I got to meet several of the family members who are among the big names in Arkansas wines. I played during the cocktail and dinner time and I was set up close to […]

Medical stuff

We spent the week in Kansas City dealing with medical issues. My lovely father-in-law has been in an Alzheimer’s nursing home unit for the past couple of years and has now been enrolled in hospice. It was an interesting experience for me to be briefed on hospice as a member of the family. It was […]