Out of the comfort zone.

Last week I was away from home for a while while my husband was in the hospital. We knew it would be about a week but we weren’t sure about the exact chain of events, if he would have a private room, and a whole host of other questions. I wanted to bring my harp […]

The great Harpmobile search

A couple weeks ago we learned that our daughter, Christa, has a failing car. This provides a perfect opportunity for me to get a new Harpmobile! I’m so excited!!!

My sweet 1999 Honda CRV has been a great car this past ten years and it just turned over 100,000 miles. There is really no reason […]

Visits with Grandma

We returned from our lovely vacation and I was able to get my fingers slowly back up to speed. I have to say on the Saturday after our return I was soooo happy to be back at my harp I almost cried. However, it was a good break and although a little too long to […]

Harps in Italy.

I’m in the middle of a two week adventure in Italy. Today I saw two paintings from the 1400’s that included harps! There were in the gallery that houses Michelangelo’s David. That puts my harp sighting total at three so far. A lot lower than I expected. There was one in Cortona and I was […]

Palliative Care

As many of our conversations start. “I heard this interesting story on NPR today…. ” This is really a great story and an important one for the future state of our health care. It is good to see the continued work and acceptance of this. Also for people to remember that hospice and palliative care […]

Mike and Sonia ROCK!!!!

My new website is now totally up and running!! Mike and Sonia Davis Gutierrez have done an amazing job getting the website up. I am on the learning curve for WordPress and it is steep but I feel pretty good. Except for late Thursday night it asked to do an update to WordPress and the […]

Visits to the Airport…

Today marked the first of three trips to the airport this week. Today and Wednesday I’m playing in the middle of the terminal as people walk by and the way to their travels. On Thursday we are going to be part of the travel set!

Tons of fun to play at the airport. It is, […]

Fayetteville Library

For the third year in a row, I have had the pleasure of playing at the Fayetteville Public library during the holidays. I shouldn’t say this but this is my favorite gig. Might be because I’m a book-aholic and this just puts me in my natural environment. If I do say so myself, the librarians […]

Gala for the New Design School

We got home in time from Kansas City for me to attend the Gala for The New Design School. It was a fun evening, as always, from these guys. I played for the opening hour and then things got rockin’. Mike and Sonia are so great!

Saying Goodbye

Sadly, this birthday (the 8th) came with the news that my lovely father-in-law had passed away. He had been fighting Alzheimer’s for the past few years. We braved the ice to drive to Kansas City. It was a scary drive while we were in Arkansas but clear when we got to the Missouri border. Crazy!