Harps in a Star Book

This summer a group of ten bookmakers embarked on a miniature book exchange challenge. Led by our excellent teacher and fearless leader, Lesha Shaver (LittleMountainBindery.com), we set out to give ourselves a creative push. For this challenge each bookmaker makes ten copies (at least) of their book and we exchange at the end so everyone […]

Lindsborg, Kansas

One of my dear harp friends, RoJean Loucks, lives in a town known as “Little Sweden, USA.” Lindsborg is in the middle of Kansas and until recently I had no idea that my strong Swedish roots actually ran through the city. My Grandmother, Anna (Lind) Pankratz, was born outside of Portland, Oregon, in 1906. However, […]

A book in a harp

If you have roamed around my website or seen my social media feeds you will know that in addition to being a harpist I am a lifelong artist. Photography was my early love. I did stained glass for many, many years until I decided cutting sharp glass didn’t blend very well with being a professional […]

Happy 15th Harpy Anniversary!

Fifteen years ago this month, I sat solo in a small apartment late on a Friday night and put in the winning bid for a large item on Ebay. I waited anxiously all weekend for some word from the seller. Nothing. Then finally I heard from them early the next week. They had been out […]

Northern Lights Harp Fest in Canada

Just over a week ago we returned from Canada—including a lovely weekend at the Northern Lights Harp Fest and a waaaaay too short visit to Montreal.

I’m so impressed that the lengths harpists will go to gather together. No distance seems too far and no inconveniences too unmanageable. Every time I attend a conference I […]

New Orleans Jazz Harp Conference

This month, my harp-roadie (hubby, Rick) and I did an epic harpmobile road-trip through the southern states. Our purpose was primarily for me to attend the New Orleans Jazz and Pop Harp Conference but we added on a few destinations before and after the gathering. When the tires made their final rotation of the trip […]

Motivation from the Energizer Bunny

I’m fascinated when I hear authors talk about how they started writing a fiction book with a general outline in mind and then “the characters take the book in a different direction.” Aren’t they in control of the characters? As more of a visual and aural artist, I don’t experience this phenomenon often. I generally […]

Catching up…

Well, I can’t believe it has been over a year since I posted to this blog. Time flies! No posts so you would think I haven’t been doing a thing with my harp. Wrong. Guess I’ve just been wrapped up in making beautiful music and working on the Folk Harp Journal. I just finished producing […]

She Built a Harp.

Apparently I needed a little adventure in my life so I decided to build a cardboard harp from a kit. These great kits come from Dennis Waring at Waring Harps and are so much fun and educational to make! If you don’t have a new sincere appreciation for your harp builder after building one of […]

The Department of Inevitable Corrections

I love being the editor of the Folk Harp Journal! Truly, this job is such a great fit for me—the perfect storm of all the miscellaneous things I’ve done in my life coming together to work in perfect harmony.

Of course, once in a while, there is a bad note. This is totally my fault. […]