Beneath the Starry Moonlight

Normally, I don’t make big announcements about what is coming up in my harp world. But for my second CD project, I’ve been talking about it quite a bit. One, sharing helps keep me motivated and, two, I’m just excited about the project! My second CD will be called “Beneath the Starry Moonlight” and […]

Family Postcards

In November 2018, my father sent me a box of postcards. The box contained two sets of cards. One set was a group of cards that were sent to my Grandmother between 1910-1920 when she was a young girl. The second set is unsent cards from about 1930 that give a great tour of […]

Being an Artist

(Lindsborg – Part Two)

Being an artist is hard. Mentally, emotionally, physically, financially… all of those issues are hurdles an artist must address in one way or another. And do you really have a choice? Basically, no. If you are an artist —painter, writer, maker, musician, whatever your medium of choice — […]

Harps in a Star Book

This summer a group of ten bookmakers embarked on a miniature book exchange challenge. Led by our excellent teacher and fearless leader, Lesha Shaver (, we set out to give ourselves a creative push. For this challenge each bookmaker makes ten copies (at least) of their book and we exchange at the end so everyone […]

Lindsborg, Kansas

One of my dear harp friends, RoJean Loucks, lives in a town known as “Little Sweden, USA.” Lindsborg is in the middle of Kansas and until recently I had no idea that my strong Swedish roots actually ran through the city. My Grandmother, Anna (Lind) Pankratz, was born outside of Portland, Oregon, in 1906. However, […]

A book in a harp

If you have roamed around my website or seen my social media feeds you will know that in addition to being a harpist I am a lifelong artist. Photography was my early love. I did stained glass for many, many years until I decided cutting sharp glass didn’t blend very well with being a professional […]

Happy 15th Harpy Anniversary!

Fifteen years ago this month, I sat solo in a small apartment late on a Friday night and put in the winning bid for a large item on Ebay. I waited anxiously all weekend for some word from the seller. Nothing. Then finally I heard from them early the next week. They had been out […]

Northern Lights Harp Fest in Canada

Just over a week ago we returned from Canada—including a lovely weekend at the Northern Lights Harp Fest and a waaaaay too short visit to Montreal.

I’m so impressed that the lengths harpists will go to gather together. No distance seems too far and no inconveniences too unmanageable. Every time I attend a conference I […]

New Orleans Jazz Harp Conference

This month, my harp-roadie (hubby, Rick) and I did an epic harpmobile road-trip through the southern states. Our purpose was primarily for me to attend the New Orleans Jazz and Pop Harp Conference but we added on a few destinations before and after the gathering. When the tires made their final rotation of the trip […]

Motivation from the Energizer Bunny

I’m fascinated when I hear authors talk about how they started writing a fiction book with a general outline in mind and then “the characters take the book in a different direction.” Aren’t they in control of the characters? As more of a visual and aural artist, I don’t experience this phenomenon often. I generally […]