Handmade Books

Welcome to my line of handmade books. Although music has a major position in my life, I have been a lifelong artist working in photography, stained glass, and multimedia painting over the years. Additionally, books have held a special place in my heart and life since day one—I’ve always been a certified bookworm book junkie. My recently awakened obsession with crafting handmade books has been a natural progression in my art life.

One aspect of my bookwork is the creation of content inspired and artisan books, sometimes like mini-sculptures, and sometimes including pop-up features. Definitely tour through my blog to see a selection of these books. Particularly one of my latest books which was inspired by my upcoming album… Beneath the Starry Moonlight.

For the blank books I make, I use artisan decorative papers, creative binding processes, and frequently include antique buttons from a special collection. Some are made with the secret Belgium binding technique… Some with a concertina effect using envelopes so you can stash your notes and collectables away… Some have the antique buttons. Some have… All include quality paper and distinctive artistry.

Each book is unique and should inspire creativity in the owner whether they are using the book for journaling, keeping a travelogue, or curating their own artwork. They make perfect bridal or wedding gifts or could be a special “note” book for your favorite musician.

For Sale

There are no books in inventory for sale right now but custom orders are always welcomed! I do have one clamshell box, price is below image. Shipping is extra. Email me for full details manorbooks@stockdell.com.

  • Red and tan clam shell box $40 Red and tan clam shell box $40


Here are pictures of a few books that already have loving homes.


Oh, and I could be just slightly obsessed with making matchboxes as well. Just slightly…