Some lovely press…and what hospice means to me.

I was honored to be featured in two articles that came out in conjunction with the release of my CD “A Priceless Meadow.” Both of the articles focused on my work at Circle of Life Hospice (COL) where I have worked as a volunteer for almost seven years.

People are still commenting to me after the article in the newspaper and I’m still blushing. April Robertson did a lovely job with the article and it was a joy to meet her. She is a musician too so I’m sure that is part of why we enjoyed our time together and the article went so well. Click here to read the article.

Obviously, on the one hand I’m trying to promote and sell a CD (“A Priceless Meadow” in case you missed that! 🙂 ) but they can’t just do an article about a product. Most of the time my work for COL has been done fairly under the radar. In my family, both growing up and now, doing volunteer work is what you do but not something that you talk about. You just do it. So having this additional publicity based on my work is embarrassing. On the other hand I’ve come to realize the extreme need to publicize the work that COL does. It is so important and so misunderstood by the general public. Even in my own family when my father-in-law needed hospice the family struggled with the process.

The harp is just a magical instrument and so if via that I can help illuminate the work of COL, I’m happy to do it. I’m just a very small part of the process there but I’m very happy to be included. I’m also glad that the current doctors, nurses and administrators see the value in the work that I do. So for the articles, anything that helps further the discussion about hospice and choices in end of life care is valuable. It is a choice about living well not just about dying.

The second article that came out was from my alma mater, John Brown University, where I got my degree in 2002 as a working adult. I loved their Advanced Degree Completion Program. It was hard work but worth it. So recently, I sat down with Lori Walker and we talked about my time there and my work for COL. They like to know that their alumna go out into the world and do things to help the community. It is a fundamental part of their values. I believe that it will be printed in an alumni newsletter soon which I’m looking forward to so I might reconnect with a few of my fellow classmates. But in the meantime, you can click here to read the article.




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