It’s a CD Baby! And iTunes!

I started my harp musical career with very low expectations. Would I ever learn a song? Could I ever play at church? Could I ever play in public at all? My track record with public performance as a kid wasn’t great and I wasn’t the best with public speaking so to be where I am now as a musician does constantly fill me with wonder. Truly. Having a CD out takes it the next level and I’m ready!

For the release of my CD “A Priceless Meadow” I went through the process of getting a physical CD made but also getting it set up for digital distribution. Obviously, that is not the future anymore but now. Some people have gone retro to do vinyl but that is not part of my future. Independent artists have to find a way to go down as many roads as possible to reach the widest audience. I don’t expect this CD to pay for it’s self immediately (or maybe not anytime soon) so I won’t be counting on my iTunes residual checks before they hatch but seeing your name in lights on iTunes is excellent.

The CD replication company that I worked with did a distribution bundle and they helped you through the process so you can now find my CD on CD Baby, Amazon and iTunes.











So, now you have a lot of ways to reach out and find my music! But, honestly, if you want to support an independent musician the best thing you can do is buy a CD directly from them. Or go to their concert. Or buy them a glass of wine. Give them a pat on the back and tell them that you appreciate what they are doing. Filling the world with beautiful music is actually hard work. But worth it.

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