CD Launch Party!

On October 8th, I officially launch my new CD “A Priceless Meadow” with a Party at Arsagas! It was such a great party and I’m very thankful to all of my friends and family that attended the event. And those that sent their hugs even though they couldn’t be there!













Earlier in the week this is how excited I was when the actual CD arrived at my door. Rick caught the big moment right after we came home from a walk. I have to tell you there is something kind of cool about seeing this physical thing come from so many years of hard work.






























The actual day (the day!) of the party this plaque arrived at my door. This was a gift from the CD replication company and, again, I have to tell you it was pretty cool to have this arrive. Especially right before the party. It makes me feel pretty official.













It was also nice that the release party got a little extra publicity in “What’s Up!.”


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