New Harp Arrives!

My new harp is here!!!! Whoot, Whoot! Here is the unpacking..














It left Oregon on Tuesday the 17th and arrived in Springdale on Monday the 23rd. They were supposed to deliver it on Tuesday the 24th but I couldn’t see it sitting up in the warehouse overnight so I went and picked it up. Dave and Sharon trust the shippers but you still hold your breath until it arrives safely.

It has been almost two months of waiting for it to arrive. This is really very fast in harp time but slow for an impatient person like me. If you missed it, you might want to go back and see the post about the early journey to my newest harp.

The new harp has a built in pick-up so it will connect better with my amp. It also has a larger sound box by 1″ and you can tell the difference. I’m still getting it tuned up but I took it on it’s first journey to hospice yesterday. I think it will be ready for the wedding at Thorncrown Chapel this weekend and it will be great to hear it in that lovely space.

I love the racing stripes!
































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