Wedding Season and FAQ’s

Well, it is officially wedding season. I am happy to say that I am nicely booked for the next two months and looking forward to some beautiful weddings. I’ll be visiting some very familiar places like Pratt Place Barn and Thorncrown Chapel and new churches from Alma to Rogers.

One of my favorite parts of the wedding process is getting to meet with the bride… and groom … or Mom… or….. It is fun to put ideas together and come up with the perfect plan for each event. I like to be able to tell people that I worked over ten years as a wedding photographer, I have been a bride, brides-maid, mother-of-the-bride and have played the harp at dozens of weddings over the last few years. I’ve learned a thing or two about weddings along the way and I’m pretty easy to get along with. A compliment that always means a lot to me after an event is that someone was impressed by my professionalism as well as my music. That is my goal.

Since I know how weddings work I can often get by on very little information but I do need to know some details in advance. Minimally, how many parents and attendants and the dress code and color for the wedding. After that, I can pretty much wing anything but obviously the more information the better! It is worth it to spend a little time in advance to have everything go smoothly on the big day.

One thing that I did to help brides (and other event planners) was to come up with a list of Frequently Asked Questions. These are the things that I always ask and the things that often get asked of me about the harp. I hope that you can take a minute to review this list. FAQ’s. It is a good list to get you in a harp-tastic mood. 🙂

If your question isn’t on the list, be sure to let me know!

Here is a picture of the wedding at Pratt Place Barn.


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