New Harps!!

The past two weeks have been a flurry of new harp activity.

First, I saw a deal on one of my Harplists for a Harpsicle that I just couldn’t pass up. I thought it would be handy to have around for students but would really be the one that I could use when we travel. Sometimes I don’t need a big harp but I still need something! I was very excited when it arrived. Here it is in the backyard…











The same day the new Harpsicle arrived my Dusty 36S Bubinga, which I’ve had for sale for almost 2 years, sold and went out the door in about 24 hours! I was shocked that it fell in to place so quickly and it is a perfect fit for the new owner. I feel great that it went to a good home where it will be used and appreciated. I loved that harp but it ended up not being the perfect fit for me. So now I really need that new Harpsicle to use during lessons for the new month or so.

After the Dusty left, I immediately called Dave & Sharon Thormahlen and managed to get in at the perfect moment to order my second Ceili! It was very lucky to have these dominoes falling in place. I love that I can dream up my own perfect combination for the harp and Dave can make it! And it appears that Dave is working at blazing speed because I’ve already gotten these photos from Sharon of the harp in progress.

DSCN9013 DSCN9015 DSCN9024 DSCN9025



















The new harp is Chesnut with dark binding so it will be a contrast to my current Ceili.

In the middle of all that, my young student, Josie, received her first harp. Her Grandmother had it shipped to my house so that I could prepare it for her. I spent three days tuning it and had it in pretty good shape by the time she arrived. Her Grandmother arranged a little party for her at my house and they surprised her with the harp while she was here. I think she was pretty excited!











It was fun having all the different harps in the house at once. So, of course, I took some pictures!












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