In my work for hospice my usual mode is to play non-specific music which is relaxing and/or distracting for the patient, family and staff. I’m always happy to take requests but usually it is best to allow the music to work by weaving its own magic spell without hitting any emotional triggers. Many of us have memories fixed to certain songs and it is better at hospice to stay neutral since you never know who is listening. Luckily, there is soooo much beautiful music that has been written specifically for the harp to use in healing situations. We have a treasure trove of wonderful things to play.

Since my earliest harp days come from training to play at hospice and I continue to do this work a big chunk of my repertoire comes from this healing music. It is beautiful and can be used in many, many different situations. However, as I’ve expanded my reach with the harp my repertoire has expanded as well.

I do love playing things that people think don’t belong on the harp. And, yes, I can play “Stairway to Heaven”!!!

I have messed around with a few Beatles tunes but this week I got a new book (thanks Sylvia!) with LOTS of Beatles tunes. I’m super excited about adding some new songs to my playlist. Most of these songs have lots of lever changes during the pieces but I think it will be worth the effort.

Beatlemania forever!!

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