The great Harpmobile search

A couple weeks ago we learned that our daughter, Christa, has a failing car. This provides a perfect opportunity for me to get a new Harpmobile! I’m so excited!!!

My sweet 1999 Honda CRV has been a great car this past ten years and it just turned over 100,000 miles. There is really no reason to replace it but I’m ready for an upgrade.

So we began our car search. If you are a harpist you have a very different set of criteria that you require for a car. I’m sure it was a first for several of the salespeople that we saw. Doing the research and looking at things online will only get you so far before you have to go look and put your harp case in the car.

Naturally, some of my requirements put us in the higher range of options on cars but we are thinking long term. I’m not going to spend the next ten years with a back lift hatch that is as unfriendly as the one I have had. Of course, technology has created a big change in vehicles since I lays bought one as well.

I’ll save you all the ups and downs but I think we are settled on the Nissan Rogue. Mary-Megan, the wonderful sales woman, at Superior Nissan is trying to find my car right now. The car has an amazing cargo system and it is the best dealership in town. I’ll be happy to deal with them for the next ten years. I hope she finds it soon!!

I got my fabulous new car a couple weeks ago. It stayed in the garage the first week due to the bad weather but now we are out and about. I named her Alora. First time I’ve officially named a car other than Mr. Ugly that I owed at a low point in my life. This is clearly a high point and I feel soooo fancy!!! And she is all dressed up and ready for work.

IMG_2402 IMG_2405

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