Visits with Grandma

We returned from our lovely vacation and I was able to get my fingers slowly back up to speed. I have to say on the Saturday after our return I was soooo happy to be back at my harp I almost cried. However, it was a good break and although a little too long to be away from the harp when I do return I’m energized for practice and working on material. I actually feel like I’ve taken another step forward.

I was very happy to be asked to go and play at the Apple Blossom Retirement home in Rogers today. Walking in there is like a déjà vue of the place where my Grandmother lived in Oregon. The very first public performance that I gave was there for her friends. I’m sure it was dreadful, and short!, but I was so thrilled to be playing that I think they appreciated my earnestness if not my musicianship. I still sincerely miss my Grandmother and I’m sure she would love to hear me play now.

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