Harps in Italy.

I’m in the middle of a two week adventure in Italy. Today I saw two paintings from the 1400’s that included harps! There were in the gallery that houses Michelangelo’s David. That puts my harp sighting total at three so far. A lot lower than I expected. There was one in Cortona and I was able to get a postcard of that painting but not of the ones today. All three date from the 1400’s and show more of a plucking action than the strumming that we do now. I’m not sure if that is how they played then or if the painters were just not as familiar with the actual instrument. Nonetheless, they were beautiful to see and I hope to find a few more as we continue our adventure.

If you would like to read all about my adventure in Italy that blog is located at http://stockdell.com/travel/.

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