Visits to the Airport…

Today marked the first of three trips to the airport this week. Today and Wednesday I’m playing in the middle of the terminal as people walk by and the way to their travels. On Thursday we are going to be part of the travel set!

Tons of fun to play at the airport. It is, obviously, something that people aren’t expecting to see in the middle of our small airport. Someone asked me today if it was a lot of red-tape to get clearance to be there. I had to admit that it actually wasn’t since Kelly Johnson, who manages the airport, is my neighbor. So she knows me and I wasn’t going in past security – that part actually would be difficult. The man commented that it sure is nice to live in a small town! I agree!!!

It was nice to spread a little holiday cheer in the middle of the bustle of the airport. I think all the workers liked it more than the travelers.

I’ll play again on Wednesday and then Thursday we are off on our Italian adventure!!

Wednesday was also fun at the airport. I saw a two-year-old run to “Momma” who had just gotten off a plane. If that doesn’t melt your heart I don’t know what does.

There were some challenges to playing at the airport. Wednesday it was very windy and I was sitting by the door. The sun chased me both days so I moved my harp a ton but Wednesday I wore my full angel costume and that was a kick. Tough day at the office for me. Ha!

Angel at the Airport.

Angel at the Airport.

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