Mike and Sonia ROCK!!!!

My new website is now totally up and running!! Mike and Sonia Davis Gutierrez have done an amazing job getting the website up. I am on the learning curve for WordPress and it is steep but I feel pretty good. Except for late Thursday night it asked to do an update to WordPress and the theme that is used for my site. Mike and Sonia had everything running beautifully and it did the update and then everything was GONE! I was freaking out. Apparently it was a theme issue that everyone was having but considering my lack of experience on the site it was scary for me. Mike put it all back together and we are back in business. I put up a few music snippets and we are off. I think Mike and Sonia are happy I’ll be out of the country for a couple weeks and won’t continue to ask questions.

Bottom line, I can’t thank them enough for all they did. I’m very happy!!!

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