Holidays approach part II

I’m polishing up my Christmas songs getting ready for the season. It is a fascinating time for me as a harpist to get out these songs every year. What is interesting to me is that this serves as a yearly benchmark for me and my progress as a harpist. I think at this point I’ve amassed about five versions of every Christmas standard. Each year I review all the old tunes and different versions and some years I like one version and some years another. Plus I always also add a few more new tunes into the mix.  Overall the process of reviewing has gotten easier since now the tunes feel like old friends and my sight reading skills have improved significantly in the past few years. Christmas is always my busiest season and I love sharing it via the beauty of the harp. I’m out and about more in public during this time which is always fun. Next week we travel to California and we will take the week off to celebrate Thanksgiving with my Aunt and then back to work!

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