Fall Frolicking

We are having lovely fall weather here in Arkansas and most of the leaves are down off the trees but not all. There is still some great color around and I love the piles of leaves… but not the work involved in picking them up! Anyway, I decided to take my harp and my wonderful new dresses from Bonner-Bell  out into the leaves for some pictures. I had a ton of fun working on the photos even though it is hard to be both model and photographer. I felt like I got my daily workout between raking leaves into place and running back and forth between the harp and the camera. When my husband got home I showed him the pictures which he loved and he could tell that I had had fun on the project. His response “too bad you don’t like your job!” I know!! I’m sincerely spoiled and grateful that my day at the office involves frolicking in leaves.image

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